This is awesome. As Linas said, opencog isn't stable enough to have a 
'release' but I have been working on opencog for RPI3 on raspbian and I 
have a script generated debian package to make installation on the PI easy 
enough, because compiling the entire thing on a PI is a full day task. The 
deb is at 
I have zero experience with debian packaging and so it's the most minimal 
package. Plus base dependencies aren't installed with this, that's done by 
the script. Would be great if u have pointers 

On Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 10:55:52 AM UTC+3, Masayuki Hatta wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying out OpenCog now, and cooked up Debian packages.  Currently I 
> have cogutils (libcogutil-dev), opencog-atomspace, opencog-moses.  The main 
> opencog repo can be packaged, but not yet.
> Files are available at
> (APT repository is not set up yet)
> Basically I made them for my own convenience,  and still need to be 
> polished, but I think those are ok quality.  I'm a Debian developer, so I 
> can upload them to the official Debian archive if you want.
> Some changes are made to the source code to build with the current g++.  
> One thing is "Ambiguous overload call to abs()"  errors, and I changed abs 
> to fabs(I'm not sure this solution is correct).  
> Also I killed BackwardChainerUTest in atomspace for now.
> If there are Debian users, please let me know your impression.
> Best regards,
> MH

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