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2017-08-10 5:02 GMT+09:00 Linas Vepstas <linasveps...@gmail.com>:

>> Basically I made them for my own convenience,  and still need to be
>> polished, but I think those are ok quality.  I'm a Debian developer, so I
>> can upload them to the official Debian archive if you want.
> Wow. That would be .. not sure. Good and bad, mostly because we are not that
> stable, and do not use version numbers ...

Yes, that's what I meant "if you want".  I can put them into
"experimental", but I guess most suitable way for now is setting up a
PPA(personal package archive).  Then we can do "apt-get install
opencog".  I can setup one at my own server, but if you want I can
help setting up it somewhere under opencog.org.

Building opencog & friends is quite complicated for newbies like me,
so setting up an official PPA would help them a lot.

BTW, many software in Debian these days doesn't have version numbers
or the concept of "release" (simply uses Git repo snapshot), so that's

>> Some changes are made to the source code to build with the current g++.
>> One thing is "Ambiguous overload call to abs()"  errors, and I changed abs
>> to fabs(I'm not sure this solution is correct).
> Can you provide a pull req, or open a bug report? I recall seeing those, but
> they went away at some point (on debian unstable half a year ago)



I'm not sure these fixes are appropriate, so please review carefully.

>> Also I killed BackwardChainerUTest in atomspace for now.
> Hmm. That always passes for me on the current Debian stable, always.  I'm
> guessing now that maybe it is a guile-2.0 vs guile-2.2 bug.   I bet it will
> pass with guile-2.2
> https://github.com/opencog/atomspace/issues/1318

Yes, as I said in that thread, I'm still using guile 2.0.13.  Now
guile-2.2 packages are entering into Debian unstable (still in NEW
queue), so I will try it later.

Best regards,

Masayuki Hatta
Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics and Management, Surugadai
University, Japan


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