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  * So the question is: if we have formal models of the structured
    form such as archetypes (maybe even FHIR profiles), why bother
    with the grammar strings?

This is a pivotal question, but you may remember that I am used to putting it the other way around: if you can tell something using a vocabulary and a grammar, why bother having a formal model of structured forms? ;-)

because the structures take care of all data points, not just coded ones. But your /fils guides/ are rather special - they do the same thing, unlike an ordinary grammar, so it's not really an argument. In fact I would say that today we could derive a computable transformation from the trees <=> ADL2 archetypes.

Such concept is described in a (already) 10 years old document (http://philippe.ameline.free.fr/download/texts/LigneDeVieForPrevention.pdf).

yes this is an excellent document - it even has the distinction between archetypes and (what we call) templates - the heading 'Federating heterogeneous information'.

- thomas

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