Comrade Mduduzi


On behalf of PAYCO i welcome your call but i must say since the incumbent NEC 
came to power a lot of work has been done to make sure our existence is never 


Through the hard work of our Spokesperson Sello Tladi we have been featured on 
various publications, news media houses and radio stations almost every second 
day. Commentaries by the SG of PAYCO Lucky Khoza and by the President of PAYCO 
Linda Ndebele have been featured in various newspapers online and in hard copy.


And recently we have also launched a website to ensure that we are easily 
accessible. I must also say in passing, though there will soon be a proper 
report, that we have also embarked on re-launching and launching branches all 
over the country and this weekend we successfully launched in Welkom.


With that in mind, Son of the Soil, Your noble call has not fell on deaf ears 
and we will make sure we intensify our programmes.


Izwe Lethu.


Subject: [PAYCO] 
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010 12:45:22 +0200

The ANC Youth League and its leader, Julius Malema stand prominently in the 
South African political landscape. Malema has exhibited the most awful 
arrogance and ignorance. However, his thrust of Nationalization of mines ( now 
encompassing financial institution such as Banks) has received a wider media 
attention, the City Press yesterday reported that Malema is posed to visit 
countries such as Cuba, China, Zambia and so on. The purpose of these visits is 
supposedly the learning of how the Nationalization has worked in those 
countries. To me this and other antecedents leading to this have no meaning in 
me. However, I am very concerned that we as Payco remain dormant  in these 
political activities. Can’t we have some programs that can draw public 
attention? Why do we let Malema to be sensational to some that hail him. I know 
that some among us will readily reply to me and say, this comrade is misguided, 
Malema is not our program”. This reply may sound valid, at the same time 
neglecting the reality that the ANC Youth League has became widely popular now 
than ever before. Does this youth league continue to enjoy an unrivalled 
political ground. Can’t we also publicize our existence ? If the Youth league 
causes some tottering to its mother body, in that Malema is reprimanded with a 
soft tone for an undesirable demeanor. I appeal comrade that let us make our 
existence known. 
Mduduzi Sibeko
011 724 9298

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