On 9/14/2018 08:20, John wrote:
On 9/14/2018 00:19, John wrote:
I've done everything I can. Completed everything on my list, so now all I gotta' do is wait.

While I'm waiting, any PDMLers affected by what happened up in North Andover & surrounding area? I hope everyone up there will be all right.

I'm going to bed. I'll let y'all know tomorrow if I'm still here.

Still here. Some wind, light rain. Going back to bed.

I've had time to get some rest & refresh myself. I'm dry, warm & snug so far, and it looks like the worst of the storm that's going to hit Raleigh has passed.

According to the weather radar, it looks like the eye of the storm is currently due south of Raleigh, and we're in the middle of the outer bands; some wind, some rain.

I think we'll get a lot more rain before this is over, but it doesn't appear to be coming down hard enough to cause *major* flooding here in Raleigh. We'll get some, but I don't think it will be anything unusual, i.e. everything along Crabtree Creek will be under water for a few days, but that happens at least once a year.

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