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Subject: [OT] patch.exe on Vista is unusable.
> Does anyone have a working patch.exe on Vista ?

There's actually nothing wrong with the patch.exe files.

The problem is that Vista won't let me run any executable whose name =~ 
m/patch/i without first getting my Administrator password. Vista doesn't 
care what the file actually does - it just decides that any executable whose 
name =~ m/patch/i needs admin privileges to run, and that it can't be run 
from the command line. (This of course means that I can rename patch.exe to, 
say, othername.exe, and I can then run it fine - but I have to run it as 
'othername', not 'patch'.)

Despite the fact that this is a great and wondrous innovation on the part of 
Microsoft (I bet Linux wish they'd thought of it first), I would like to 
remove this behaviour. Anyone know how to do that ?



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