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On 8/4/06, Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

It's a pity that some expectations have been raised about features that
we haven't seen patches for, MERGE/UPSERT & recursive queries

Honestly, I've only had four people say it would be nice to have
hierarchical queries (one of them wasn't even a PostgreSQL user).
Almost everyone else seems to ask some variation of, "what's a
hierarchical query and why do I need it?"  It's hard to get excited
about writing a patch no one sees a real need for.

When I have a choice of working on things in my spare time, I choose
what to work on based on basically two things (a) what is my interest
in it and (b) who is going to use it.  Based on that, I determine
whether it's worth going through the hassle of design, development,
testing, and final documentation (my prelim docs come from design).

In short, I know a lot of people would probably use this feature after
it was there, but *very* few have shown any interest in it and a patch
for it (while in need of rewriting) has existed since 7.4.

Chicken vs. egg. Look at the number of people using nested sets and other similar abominations to handle hierarchical data. There are whole books written about using these kludgy techniques. I think this really is a case of "build it and they will come".



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