Bruce Momjian wrote:
Based on our progress during this feature freeze, we will not complete
the feature freeze until August/September.  I think we need adjust
expectations about an 8.3 release date, and decide if we want to
radically change our work process.

Basically, to make a release anywhere near July, we need 10x more
progress than we have had, which is unlikely.

Or we have another short release cycle, basically accepting what we have now that can be worked through in the next 3 weeks and committed. If it can't be done in that time, it waits. Then we have beta etc...

We could ship what is in CVS now, but that just pushes the patches for
8.4, and isn't fair to patch submitters.  We could shove what we have
now into CVS, but that is unwise.

Sure it is, if we have a short release cycle. There are plenty of things out there that are not quite ready yet, that could be if we released again next January...

I think the only other thing we _could_ do is to re-open normal 8.3
development, so we aren't hampering updates to trivial parts of the
code. Many of the patches now in the queue had been developed for months

Gah, that sounds like a horrible solution. Sorry Bruce.

The question is whether it is healthy for us to remain in feature freeze
for months, and if it is unhealthy, what are our options?

Patch status:

If... this is actually a problem (I leave to other committers and reviewers to comment) then I suggest we push all patches without a reviewer as of now to 8.4.

Leaving only those patches that have confirmed reviewers to be worked through.

FYI, whoever did that Todo:Patch status, Bravo! That is easily one of the smallest but best improvements to the process I have seen in recent memory.


Joshua D. Drake

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