Zeev wrote:
> Rasmus wrote:
> >   So please stop with the personal attacks and
> >concentrate on the real technical issues.
> I'd appreciate it if you stayed out of this one

    Quoting from a previous message:
    > I'd be happy to hear what other people think about 'you vs. me'.

    You did ask for opinions and Rasmus is *very* qualified to comment
    on the situation. :)

> I'm fed up with Sascha's attitude towards me and other developers,
> and decided it was time to point that issue out.

    Everyone knows this issue - it gets dragged onto the list every
    couple of months or so...

    What result do you want out of this argument? Sascha's exile from
    the project? The other developers to rise up with torches and
    pitchforks, lynch Sascha and burn his lab... ;)

    Sascha, what do you think? A lot of people believe that you are a
    pain in the ass - do you like this? Do you think that it is un-

    I think that the majority of developer don't want to lose either
    Zeev or Sascha and wish that these vicious fights did not happen
    so consistently.

    Also, I think that we should completely separate the technical 
    discussion from this argument over personality conflicts - at
    best one is only a symptom of the other.


    Note: Other than being short with me on silly technical questions
    I have never had anything but help from either Zeev or Sascha.

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