> This appears to me to be a problem between you and him and not something
> that needs to be discussed on php-dev.  As far as I am concerned, Sascha
> is one of the PHP project's biggest assets and I just don't see how an
> all-out public attack on him like this is in any way constructive.

I only step into this discussion because I foresaw that the first mail 
would result in a flame.
It would have been probably more adequate wihout a stone-coat as opposed 
to a lack of a sugar-coat.
 From an outsiders-POV you can imagine how hard it would be not to treat 
this as a personal attack and I can understand Zeev defends himself 
(even with a kind of counter-attack) as I can see valid expressed 
worries from saschas POV (although I cannot speak for him).
As I do not want to (and probably am not able to) judge who has (more) 
valid points the only conclusion can be: this should have been kept on 
[EMAIL PROTECTED] As it's to late now let's memorize it for the future.

Regardless of that, for both of you is valid that flames leave traces 
(the lists are monitored, as you know) and regardless of it's bad for 
one or the other it is *bad for the reputation of the community*. I 
really would like to see these issues (eg. how much the licenses 
restrict people) settled with care, regardless of who you are and what 
you achieved and contributed to the community.
For sure, these issues need to be discussed as people are concerned, GPL 
is evil, QPL is evil, maybe LPGL and PHP license are evil, who knows, 
but community is community and the behaviour of group members should be 


ps. don't try to find a bias for one of both parties, I tried to remain 
as much neutral as possible.

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