So is this how PHP development works?

All the innuendo in your emails make me nauseous.

I feel I want to yell and scream out, "who does he think he is?"

Rasmus I must say this is a first. I have never met anyone of your

I will not attempt to answer your conjectures, its to farfetched to respond

If you have a specific and honest question for me feel free to ask me
instead of assuming and denigrating me.

Blows my mind...


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> > I don't want to convince anyone :) I have no personal interest in this.
> > just thought it was odd that I wake up and whilst reading my EMails the
> > issue was settled already w/o anyone responding.
> It seemed like an obvious one.  The demo URL he gave didn't work.  When I
> dug up a browser it worked with (Opera) and poked around I learned this
> thing isn't an open source project so cmf.php.net would be a big fat
> advertisement for 4arrow.com where you can go to buy an XPC license or get
> a "private consultation and needs assesment".  And one of its big claim to
> fames is that it eliminates ugly query strings.  ie. they discoverd
> $PATH_INFO and perhaps even ForceType,
> And the published API for the thing is:
>   Arguments
>   ---------
>   The arguments that XPC employ are arguments that are sent via standard
>   HTTP URI REQUESTs of enviromental variable values.
>   $domain =
>   $xpc_url =
>   $sitepath =
>   $siteroot =
>   $file =
>   $ext =
>   $access =
>   $fmt =
>   $pagetpl =
>   $pagekeys =
>   $pagedesc =
>   Methods
>   -------
>   The methods that XPC employ are passive aggresive methds of enviromental
>   variable manipulation.
>   Methods include:
>   currentDomain() =
>   currentPage() =
>   pageTpl() =
>   pageStatus() =
>   pageAccess() =
>   pageFormat() =
>   pageMeta() =
> That's the sum total of the API documentation.  Here comes the
> installation docs:
>   XPC Manual setup and Installation
>   ---------------------------------
>   XPC can be either manually installed or setup vis a vis the 4Arrow setup
>   browser install. The 4Arrow setup browser installer can be done locally
>   or remotely without any need to manually edit any files.
> There are a few more pages describing various stuff and no code to
> download!
> Compare that to the excellent documentation available for Midgard at
> http://www.midgard-project.org/req/midgard-1.4/
> or as a PDF: http://www.midgard-project.org/manual_dwnld/manual.pdf.gz
> The architecture of XPC may very well be sound.  But we have no way of
> knowing this since the code is not available and the available
> documentation is useless.  And the parts we can see seem shaky.
> Basically all the symptoms of a very young project.  I probably dismissed
> Michael a tad abruptly, but I was annoyed at him posting a private reply
> to a public list (not that I said anything private in my message, just the
> etiquette of it) and his silly reasoning for not supporting Netscape (CEO
> of Netscape told him it didn't work) and then after poking around to see
> what the hell XPC was, learning that there was nothing there except an
> apparently proprietary product which was poorly documented.  Considering
> this, having him ask for cmf.php.net seemed absurd to me.
> My advice to Michael and 4arrow would be to try to build a community
> around this project by first putting the code out there for the community
> to play with, and second, spending a lot of time documenting and
> presenting the architecture in a concise manner.  Without these two steps
> you can't possibly expect to win the support of
> -Rasmus

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