> I don't want to convince anyone :) I have no personal interest in this. I
> just thought it was odd that I wake up and whilst reading my EMails the
> issue was settled already w/o anyone responding.

It seemed like an obvious one.  The demo URL he gave didn't work.  When I
dug up a browser it worked with (Opera) and poked around I learned this
thing isn't an open source project so cmf.php.net would be a big fat
advertisement for 4arrow.com where you can go to buy an XPC license or get
a "private consultation and needs assesment".  And one of its big claim to
fames is that it eliminates ugly query strings.  ie. they discoverd
$PATH_INFO and perhaps even ForceType,

And the published API for the thing is:

  The arguments that XPC employ are arguments that are sent via standard
  HTTP URI REQUESTs of enviromental variable values.

  $domain =
  $xpc_url =
  $sitepath =
  $siteroot =
  $file =
  $ext =
  $access =
  $fmt =
  $pagetpl =
  $pagekeys =
  $pagedesc =

  The methods that XPC employ are passive aggresive methds of enviromental
  variable manipulation.

  Methods include:
  currentDomain() =
  currentPage() =
  pageTpl() =
  pageStatus() =
  pageAccess() =
  pageFormat() =
  pageMeta() =

That's the sum total of the API documentation.  Here comes the
installation docs:

  XPC Manual setup and Installation
  XPC can be either manually installed or setup vis a vis the 4Arrow setup
  browser install. The 4Arrow setup browser installer can be done locally
  or remotely without any need to manually edit any files.

There are a few more pages describing various stuff and no code to

Compare that to the excellent documentation available for Midgard at
or as a PDF: http://www.midgard-project.org/manual_dwnld/manual.pdf.gz

The architecture of XPC may very well be sound.  But we have no way of
knowing this since the code is not available and the available
documentation is useless.  And the parts we can see seem shaky.
Basically all the symptoms of a very young project.  I probably dismissed
Michael a tad abruptly, but I was annoyed at him posting a private reply
to a public list (not that I said anything private in my message, just the
etiquette of it) and his silly reasoning for not supporting Netscape (CEO
of Netscape told him it didn't work) and then after poking around to see
what the hell XPC was, learning that there was nothing there except an
apparently proprietary product which was poorly documented.  Considering
this, having him ask for cmf.php.net seemed absurd to me.

My advice to Michael and 4arrow would be to try to build a community
around this project by first putting the code out there for the community
to play with, and second, spending a lot of time documenting and
presenting the architecture in a concise manner.  Without these two steps
you can't possibly expect to win the support of


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