At 2:38 PM -0400 7/9/09, Bob McConnell wrote:
It will be even more interesting to see if anyone on this list pays any
attention to him in the future.

Bob McConnell


You won't have to wonder about me. I've already set email filters to trash any incoming from him.

A *few* on this list don't appreciate is that there are many of us who donate our time freely in an attempt to help others. We do this without any compensation nor profitable credit. We all come from various skill levels, diverse backgrounds, and each usually provide an unique solution and perspective to the problem presented. In short, what we have to say matters.

What I offer is pretty basic as compared to the truly great ones on this list (i.e., Daniel, Stuart, Rob, et all). I feel privileged that my humble offerings are even permitted, but I think my contribution is to answer the more obvious questions thereby freeing the more knowledgeable to answer the more difficult ones.

However, when I see a debate over such minor points, I can't help but note the waste of time and talent and thus the reason for my post. I just hope that the other contributors on this list fully understand the value of their contribution and spend their time and talents where they are appreciated and not waste them on such nonsense.




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