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> Having just come in to the particular thread, I actually have work
> keeps me away from here, I'm wondering why this is worth the energy
and time
> I have seen wasted on this subject. Seems to me everyone needs to take
> deep breath and a step back. As far as anyone going against
> seems to me that people who think outside the box, go against
> break the rules, whatever are the ones who keep life interesting and
> occasionally help us find something new. I would hate to live in a
real life
> "Stepford Wives" existence.

Actually, I found it quite amusing to watch Tony paint himself into a
corner and try to defend his indefensible position. He reminds me of a
number of individuals, and not a few institutions, whose attitude is
"I've already made up my mind, don't try to confuse me with facts."
Plus, it has been a timely and welcome diversion from other more
pressing issues. Who needs the Comedy channel when we have this?

It will be even more interesting to see if anyone on this list pays any
attention to him in the future.

Bob McConnell

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