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> wrote:
>> I called him "intolerant" because he jumps on issues which other people 
>> just
>> don't care about.
>    Point #1: You're obviously wrong, as this thread has already
> received more replies than most on-topic, PHP-centric threads.
>> I called him "small minded" because he concentrates on small issues which
>> simply don't matter in the great scheme of things. That sounds like fair
>> comment to me It's just like those people who have endless arguments 
>> about
>> when to use uppercase and when to use lower case. It simply doesn't 
>> matter,
>> so stop wasting your time in arguing about it.
>     Point #2: When attempting to prove your case, do your best to
> keep your facts and players straight --- you did not call me either of
> these things; you placed your unnecessary opinion of such on Stuart.
> And while that really doesn't sit well with me, it's just becoming
> more and more evident that you, like many others in the past, will
> simply wind up being ignored by the majority of the list, save for
> folks who don't know or don't care about your lack of respect for
> them.

I have no respect for anyone who wastes time in trying to force others to 
obey their petty rules.

>> Irrelevant. It does not matter how much good work anybody does if they go
>> and ruin it by trying to enforce some inconsequential petty rule.
>    Had I been a hippie as well, I might just be inclined to agree
> with you.  So if we're throwing opinions around, let mine ring loud
> and clear: thank God I'm not.  Besides, I couldn't have pulled off the
> bellbottom look, and in all my years, I still can't grow a half-decent
> beard (which means that joining al-Qaeda may be out of my future as
> well.... darn).
>> The conventions in other newsgroups are different, and I can't be 
>> bothered
>> to change my habits for different newsgroups just becase some internet 
>> Nazi
>> says so.
>    You change the topic for each newsgroup, don't you?  And you do it
> out of respect for the context of that particular group.  You wouldn't
> (well, maybe *you* would) ask a question about a carburetor on a
> mailing list for expectant mothers, which makes sense.

Now you're being silly.

>  Following a simple rule by not top-posting makes sense as well,
> which has been outlined already.

The whole point about this particlar rule is that it has no purpose other 
than to force everybody to conform to somebody's idea of perfection. Who 
gave this person the right to make such rules?. Top posting has existed for 
ages, and a lot of people don't care about it one way or the other.

> Your greatest failure in this argument, Tony, is
> not being able to articulate your proof as to *why* it's a stupid
> rule.

It's stupid because there is no valid reason as to why top posting is *bad*. 
It has existed on the internet ever since there was an internet, so for 
someone to stand up and say "I don't like this, so I'll make a rule agains 
it" it just arrogance on their part.

I'm not saying that everyone should top post, or bottom post, or middle 
post, or even sideways post. It simply doesn't matter.

> All I've been able to ascertain to date is that you (ALWAYS)
> have an opinion as to why the Establishment is a Bad Thing[tm], and
> how The Man will never be able to keep you down.  Fight the power,
> Marston.  Spread the word of the Revolution.  Manifest Destiny!  (What
> was the argument again?)

It is my God-given right to question anything and everything, especially any 
rule made by mortal man. If you don't like it when I have the audacity to 

>> No, I don't like stupid rules, which is why I choose not to obey them.
>    This is like a five-year-old saying, "I don't like your stupid
> face, so I'm not gonna' look at it."  Reading your sentence, I
> envisage the voice of a spoiled toddler.
>> So not only are you dictating how I post, you are also dictating which
>> newsreader I should use? How arrogant!
>   Your arrogance toward the community and ignorance of fundamental,
> purposeful guidelines

I'm not trying to impose my will on the community, I'm just refusing to bow 
to *your* will. If they are truly "guidelines" and not "rules" then stop 
trying to force them down my throat. I don't tell you to stop with your anal 
bottom posting, so stop telling me to stop with my traditional top posting.

> is proof of how sanctimonious you truly are.

Now who's name calling?

> Besides, since you are still using PHP 4.4.9 on your server, it's
> obvious that you don't like - and/or are afraid of - change, so no one
> is trying to tell you what software to use.

Both of my servers use PHP 5.2.9, and I modified my code to run under PHP as 
soon as it was available. My code still runs under both PHP 4 and  5.

>    Anyway, since we're on the subject, while I have no interest in
> ever using RADICORE,

I shan't lose any sleep over that.

> I may be able to convince someone else to use it
> for free.  Wait, I would have to pay for a commercial?  That's a
> stupid rule, I'm just going to take it for free anyway, and damn what
> you say about it.

Violating a license agreement is against the law, top posting is not.

Tony Marston

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