At 9:03 PM +0100 7/9/09, Ashley Sheridan wrote:
Also, I'd hardly call anyone here a jumped-up pipsqueak just because we aren't
too old to go by new rules. The only reason I'm bringing your age into this
is because you keep mentioning your last "30 years" online on mailing lists.
There are older members than you on the list, and yet they find no problem
following the rules that make this list easy for everyone to use.


So someone played the age card and that woke me up...

Let's see -- the last 30 years on mailing lists?

Okay I remember the last 30 years, I had here just a second ago.

Ahhh, there they are -- 30 years would have taken it back to 1979, right? Subtract the nine, carry the one, three from ten -- yep 1979.

In 1979, I was attending MSU working on my Masters when Magic Johnson lead the MSU team to the AACP championship, or something of that nature. Forgive me, I don't follow baseball. I had a classmate ask me about Magic Johnson and I said that I never saw him preform -- I thought he was a David Copperfield type.

In any event, I was using an Apple ][ computer to write my thesis and that was unheard of at that time. In fact, the staff in the thesis office actually came out and marvelled at my thesis submission in original manuscript that did not contain any photocopies or even white-outs. Mine was the first original manuscript thesis ever submitted at MSU (or so they told me). So, that was before the common word processor.

Now, do I remember email? No not really. As I understand it, email came about under ARPANET and converted to the Internet in the early 80's. So unless he has been doing email and participating on something other than what's known, I would have to say it's a bunch of bull.

But what do I know -- I'm just an old fart who tries to follow the rules. Now back to sleep zzzzz.




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