Okay let me clarify, I think that if Zend did not exist then php would be in
a better position.  Why?  Because something like php-encoder would of filled
the void sooner and everyone would of benefited from encoders and

So far it really does feel like a bait and switch act since people develop
in php thinking it's opensource and then when it's not performing up to par
someone waves a flag to say "Hey you could give me several thousand dollars
and I'll make it work"

Wow Justin gets a lot of job offers so that means there are a ton of jobs
for php developers.  I feel better now.  And thanks for reading my mind,
there's like 3 of you on this list.  Do you do partys?

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on 04/08/02 3:55 PM, Acer ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> so fine zend is ripping people off, what's the point?  well it has been
> damaging to php is my point.  no one knows what php is and no one will pay
> you to do php.  why blame zend on this?  no matter what rasmus says that
> people have access to the cvs, php is zend and zend is php.

I don't believe Zend's charging for commerical extensions to the product has
harmed it in any way.  I also don't believe that Zend is ripping people off.
You have no way of telling if any competitive product does as good a job,
and furthermore, since the *one product you found* is in beta, then the
argument is totally shallow.

Zend is a commercial company, and has the right to charge what *they*
perceive as market value for a product.  You have the choice not to buy it,
and you have the choice not to use PHP at all.

There is no way you can blame Zend products for the fact you can't get a PHP
job.  I really laughed at this.  The primary scripting languages asked for
by job ads in my area are primarily ASP and Java.  So what?  Java is a
well-established language, which has been around for ages.  ASP (and other
microsoft technologies) are backed by the biggest software company in the

PHP has made a massive indentation into the server-side scripting world in
just a few years, and I get emailed about jobs and contracts ALL THE TIME
that want me to use it.

Furthermore, perhaps the reason why you can't get anyone to pay you is (no
insult intended):

- your poor communication skills
- your lack of any real programming experience
- your lack of experience in the right projects / skills
- you're not looking in the right places
- you're only looking at advertised work, not creating a job

None of this is Zend's fault, and switching to ASP, or having Zend give away
the encoder will not fix any of this.  You make me laugh.

I'm getting plenty of work.

Justin French

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