At 18:12 04/08/2002, Acer wrote:
>Okay like I said before, Zeev is agreeing with me that php is zend and zend
>is php.  However, if zend dropped off the face of the planet, there would be
>programmers to fill that void.

No, I am not.  Zend was a key figure in the development of PHP, without 
which PHP wouldn't have been what it is today.  Arguably, PHP would have 
not existed at all.  Today, Zend continues to take a key role in the 
development of PHP's infrastructure, which is then used by a dozen or so 
developers who actually develop PHP itself, which in turn is used by those 
600 people with CVS accounts that Rasmus mentioned, that help out in the 
manual, PEAR, and other projects.  Will there be someone to replace Andi's 
work on the engine if he fell off the planet?  I hope we don't live to see 
it for ourselves, because I don't think you would have liked the result.

Also, don't put words in my mouth.  I'm the first person to say that PHP != 
Zend, PHP is PHP and Zend is Zend.

>Again call me a cynic but zend develops php but if you pay them several
>thousand then it will run 4 times faster.  Wow that's great.  So let's not
>put that much effort into php and make it run faster if you pay.  No
>conflict of interest there.

I guess that's why Zend people constantly improved the performance of PHP.

>Wow 3 million sites, that's a lot.  How many of those actually get more then
>1000 visitors?

Just one, yours.  Poor chap.


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