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> Okay let me clarify, I think that if Zend did not exist then php would be in
> a better position.  Why?  Because something like php-encoder would of filled
> the void sooner and everyone would of benefited from encoders and
> accelerators.

Well, there ya go -- php-encoder is here now, so quit complaining about the
price of Zend already.  Sheeesh.

> So far it really does feel like a bait and switch act since people develop
> in php thinking it's opensource and then when it's not performing up to par
> someone waves a flag to say "Hey you could give me several thousand dollars
> and I'll make it work"

PHP works, right out of the box.  You don't NEED to have things encoded to
make them work, and you don't NEED to have things accelerated -- at least
not in 90% of the websites out there.

Zend is a commercial company (with some ties to the PHP development team)
offering a few commercial extensions to PHP.

You have the choice of accepting the offered price, chosing a competitors
product, or writing your own.  PHP does not force or imply the use of Zend
products, or restrict the availability of competing products (like

If YOU don't want to use Zend, fine... I don't either.

If YOU don't think Zend have a good business model or will sell enough
encoders at the "high price", fine.

If YOU want to use something else, or even write a competing product,
fine... no one is stopping you.

What are you actually complaining about?  You're on your high-horse about
opensource and all that, then you turn around and want to be able to encode
your own product (written in PHP) to sell it for profit?

Why are YOU allowed to make a profit out of PHP code and related products,
but Zend are not?  You are a commercial entity, and so are they.  They chose
to write and sell an encoder, accelerator, and other stuff, just as this
other guy has, and you could.

For f**k's sake just quit bitching about it to us.

> Wow Justin gets a lot of job offers so that means there are a ton of jobs
> for php developers.  I feel better now.  And thanks for reading my mind,
> there's like 3 of you on this list.  Do you do partys?

Yup.  I have no idea WTF you're saying here, but it sounds pretty immature,
so I'll just say "grow up"...

Justin French

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