Hi Tomas,

> It I use httpGate on port 80, I also lose all logging as done by
> Apache, for example, and cannot use things like webalizer (web log
> statistics tool) any more.

Right, this is quite a disadvantage.

> Isn't httpGate opening potential security hole "tunneling" through to
> any port (greater then 1024 I think)?

Yes, if there are processes listening which should not be reachable from
the outside. These processes will need some authentication mechanism.

But, on the other hand, httpGate will only tunnel HTTP-GET and -POST

Or, to be correct: It should! There is still a (meanwhile obsolete)
mechanism to tunnel arbitrary (binary) requests, via the "@<port>"
syntax. This is a feature (which in fact was never used) of the old Java
applet API. I will better remove it for the next release.

- Alex

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