Yes, I definitely have ideas, but the tools and my talent determine how far
I prune them back! I am currently in the Ludum Dare #35 challenge (48 hours
to create a game from scratch by yourself, all original). This is the LD
Compo, vs. the LD Jam where you get 72 hours. The Spring 2016 Lisp Game Jam
gives you 10 days, so if I try and fail with picoLisp for the LD35, I will
have gained the skills hopefully for the LGJ coming up in 12 days! I'll
look more at the canvas libs, to see what they offer in terms of graphics.
A simple game engine only requires a main loop to set things up, and a draw
loop to update the screen for animation. Do you think the current picoLisp
libs with Canvas can support a 30 fps update of a 640x480 screen of
bitmapped graphics? Or would I use a C game engine like Corange (, and then write wrapper for it in
picoLisp? In Common Lisp (SBCL and CCL) I use SDL2 as detailed on

There is an cl-sdl2 library for CL.

I have done simple games with IDE game creation tools (Godot, Blender3d).
Sadly, I have only done very simplistic console 'hangman' games in J, Lisp,
and C.
I am a mediocre artist, musician and programmer, but it is a hobby, so I am
very happy. I would love to use picoLisp for my own selfish reasons, and to
get it more exposure. I was looking at Shen, but due to licensing issues
(OSS vs. proprietary license), and not being 'there' myself yet in skills,
I prefer to use picoLisp; it clicks with me. Perhaps it is the fexprs!

 I also like LFE too, since it is a Lisp, and it runs on the BEAM with OTP.
More baggage though. That is more for my personal research into CI, and
Evolutionary Programming (EC), Genetic Algorithms (GAs), and Genetic
Programming (GP), since it fits the distributed nature of these things. I
happened upon a thread on the picoLisp archives about Erlang and picoLisp.
Is picoLisp capable of running, say a 1000 processes on an average
notebook? Not serving pages, simply running them. They are usually just
list processing, with a fitness function or evaluation function applied
between each run or several generations of runs.

A lot of my alternative Lisp addictions cannot make a distributable game
other than CL with CL-SDL2. Maybe you have ideas on this? Thanks, and I
need to not write so much and get back to work on LD35!



On 15 April 2016 at 23:33, Alexander Burger <> wrote:

> On Fri, Apr 15, 2016 at 08:35:04PM +0700, Robert Herman wrote:
> > Hey, everyone, I am thinking on participating in the Lisp Game Jam coming
> > up in just 13 days.
> >
> >
> >
> > I invite all picolispers to try, so picolisp gets some love from the
> gaming
> > community!
> Wow, this is cool!
> Do you have an idea for a game? That would be the first issue.
> > I am more familiar with SBCL using SDL2 for game making, but I love
> > picolisp so much I just may enter with it if I can put together a
> > framework/process. Alex has done most of the work (chess, flightsim,
> > etc...), but I would need 2 things:
> >
> > 1. a way of distributing the game for play
> > 2. a GUI - either HTML/Canvas or C
> >
> > For #1 an HTML5/Canvas game could be hosted, and for #2 FFI and
> > distributing the picolisp library with the exe as a dynamic link?
> >
> > Any recommendations? Thanks!
> I would definitely go with Canvas. I used it (@lib/canvas.l and
> @lib/canvas.js) recently for various applications, and could support you
> here.
> ♪♫ Alex
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