Hi Rob,

> A simple game engine only requires a main loop to set things up, and a draw
> loop to update the screen for animation. Do you think the current picoLisp
> libs with Canvas can support a 30 fps update of a 640x480 screen of
> bitmapped graphics?

This does not depend much on the canvas size, but mainly on network
bandwidth and the number of elements to draw per frame.

For example, the simple Canvas demo from


runs at about 15 Hz when called on http://canvas.picolisp.com via DSL,
but at up to 140 Hz when invoked at localhost (tested on my Nexus 9
tablet) as

   $ ./pil misc/canvas.l -main -go +

For that, I have just extended the demo a little and inserted a "Hz"

   (let (U (usec)  D (- U (default *Last U)))
      (inc '*Frames)
      (when (>= D 1000000)
         (setq *Hz (*/ 100000000 *Frames D)  *Last U  *Frames 0) )
         (pack (format *Hz 2) " Hz")
         (- *DX 60)
         20 ) )

♪♫ Alex
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