How convenient then that compiling PL is trivial, it's probably the easiest
and most hassle free thing I've ever had to compile from source.

On Fri, Feb 3, 2017 at 8:47 AM, Alexander Burger <>

> Hi all,
> the future of PicoLisp is dark. I'm not sure if it can survive in packaged
> distribution.
> Ubuntu doesn't support it any more, probably due to the PIE (position
> independent executable) on x86-64.
> And at least on Android they seem to demand switching to Clang. The 32-bit
> versions of PicoLisp (pil32 and mini) which are written in C cannot be
> compiled
> on Clang, because Clang doesn't support dynamically allocated arrays, which
> pil32 depends on. As far as I notices, pil64 also has trouble on
> Clang/Android.
> :( Alex
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