In data martedì 19 dicembre 2017 17:02:37 CET, Sandro Knauß ha scritto:
> I now finished the most work for kdepim 17.08.3 for unstable and pushed 
> everything:

Great, let's see.

> * I build everything in tiers to make sure, that the deps are uptodate
> * updated symbols
> * Bumped Standards-Version to 4.2.1
> * For making the Kolab resource working, we need also to push a new version 
> of 
> libkolab to unstable, too ( I prepared libkolab 1.0.2-6 for that)

Looks good.

> * comaptlevel to 10 (11 is not suitable for ubuntu at the moment and me 
> personally see no big gain in bumping to 11 for kdepim)

We still use compat 9 everywhere -- the changes from v9 to v10 do not
look like affecting our packages, at least for the majority of them,
but we will need to keep a couple of eyes on builds to verify no awkward
behaviour changes appear due to that.

Also what Ubuntu wants/needs is irrelevant for Debian: if we want/need
to use something that is not in Ubuntu, it is not a problem.

> * I added a page to see how to build kdepim [0]

Looks nice, although maybe there are some links missing in the tiers
graph (for example kholydays, kontactinterface, kdav are not required
by other tiers?)

> on my todo list there is now the coordination with you for getting kde-l10n 
> in 
> shape, too. I appended two files with the lists of l10nfiles (mo/qm files). 
> To 
> see the exacpt command see the first line.

Thanks -- working on it.  I realize I forgot to mention you about
translated man pages too, but the current l10n packages do not ship any
related to pim (that I see), so it should be fine.

> For me it looks like that the 
> installation for documenation is not correct and should be /usr/share/doc/
> <pkg>/HTML

The documentation systems has a single directory with all the
documentation, so /u/s/d/HTML/$lang/$foo is correct.

Looking the list of packages you prepared, then please leave out from
your upload batch:
- kdav: it is already at 17.08.3 in unstable (had no reverse
  dependencies in unstable, so I uploaded it few weeks ago)
- kgpg: this batch is already big enough, and since the version in
  unstable is kdelibs 4.x, it will not create a conflict; I will take
  care of kgpg (and other 17.08 leftovers) once this pim batch is done

For the rest, let's coordinate on IRC.

Pino Toscano

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