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> > I have been running the Kodi Spotify combo for quite some time. The Kodi
> > Spotify team is struggling with stability issues right now, with the
> > conversion to the librespot library. It does however run at the full
> > 1411kbs CD quality lossless PCM stream, on my RP3/HiFiBerry DAC Pro+.
> > Decided to try PiCorePlayer and Spotty, and it works great, but I would
> > like to run the full stream. I read through all 95 forum pages, and see
> > the teaser above, and the authors reference to turning off the PCM
> > conversion to Flac. I tried changing a few settings in the "advanced"
> > "File Types" menu, but am a bit lost. Can someone explain exactly what
> > must be changed to enable the full 1411kbs stream? Thanks,
> > 
> > Mike> > In "File Types" find Spotty and disable FLAC and enable PCM. Is 
> > there
> any reason why you want to do this?
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