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> Thanks for all the great feedback, on a very confusing topic! I guess, I
> always figured that a 1411kbs stream was better than a 705kbs stream,
> which was better than a 320kbs stream. I always thought that we were
> getting a better stream using librespot or libspotify, rather than the
> standard 320kbs MP3. From what I am hearing, it sounds like we are
> getting the same 320kbs stream, simply put into a 705kbs Flac stream. Is
> that correct, or do we get some benefit over the standard 320kbs MP3?
> Regardless, it sounds fantastic, and has none of the bugs that the new
> Kodi Spotify has.
> Mike

Basically "yes" but spotiffy does not use mp3 it's 320kbps OGG with some
encryption added that librespot or libspotify decodes and put out a raw
PCM stream . that we can use as we want usually converting it to flac
for practical reasons .
Other spotify app like the one on the phone has quality settings where
320kbps is their best (low,normal,high) . And i think spotty and triodes
old plugin settled on the best stream .

No benefits but usually 320k OGG is good enough inaudible diffrences for
humans . That said i dont think spotify themself do thier best a
encoding and possibly record companies have uploaded stuff with less
resolution , but on a good day when things are done rigth it should not
be an issue.
But its hard to compare it may not be the same master on spotify as your
own disc if try that.

Its is also about how diffrent apps uses the volume leveling feature of
spotify ?
Triodes defunct plugin had a feature to defeat that ? how librespot is
using it . I dont know .

Also LMS has a feature "Default Adjustment for Remote Streams" for each
player the default is -5dB its usefull for most webradio that can be a
bit loud . But for best spottify performance set this to 0 .

That kbps must be set into context for a LOSSLES codec it mostly tells
you how efficient the LOSSLES compresion is 705kbps as FLAC can cary the
same information as 1411kbps PCM it works just lika zip file .
There are numerous tricks to compress data without losing anything . You
can turn it the other way PCM is quite wasteful , a file with 5 minutes
of absolute silence will have the same size and bitrate as one with

LOSSY compressors do away with information due to psychoacoustic
evaluation model and throw aways stuff your not supposed to hear . The
goal is not only to get a smaller file .
But lowering the bitrate to makes streaming less data intesive .
Here kbps make some sense as you can sort of equate quality with bitrate
but not always .
Trying to grade stuff by a single number usually oversimplifies, the
correlation is not linear and codecs are different and for example an
old mp3 encoder from the 90's would not do very well compared to a
modern one at the same bitrate. 

On Spotify's own mobile app's setting for bitrate i keep it on normal
(not the high quality used by spotty ) because it works better on the
move and in the car . In the noisy car and cheap headphones outdoors it
dont matter much.

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