DavidBulluss wrote: 
> Just checked my settings and by default SPOTTY flac & mp3 are disabled,
> pcm ofcourse enabled.
> Regards, David

Good but as discussed . You can use flac it's still lossles and the same
as PCM and mp3 would only happen when necessary , bitrate limiting
invoked or an old slimp3 ( or other player ) that needs mp3.

So just leaving the filetypes settings with both flac and mp3 enabled
works just fine LMS knows that for example your Touch should have a flac
stream ( or pcm if you disabled flac ).
LMS automatically picks,the best possible stream to,use given the used
players .

Flac is prefered over pcm because it conserves bandwidth , good with
wifi conected players.
If you are cpu bound you can save some cpu cycles at the expense of
bandwith with flac disabled .
But the result is the same at the player lossles is lossles regardless
of codec .

The confusion between lossles compression ( flac alac ape etc ) and
lossy compression ( ogg mp3 AAC etc ).
We can have another tread about that .
Short version lossles compresion restores the original PCM when decoded
lossy does not information is trown away

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