TheLastMan wrote: 
> Regardless of the length of buffer and timeout I have set, iPlayer is
> buffering every 5 seconds to the extent it is unusable.
> I have had a much milder form of this problem for a few months now. 
> Most programs would not play all the way through without buffering to
> some extent and often would stop altogether with a "cannot find..." type
> error message on the Controller. If that happened I had to leave it for
> a minute or two and then restart the program which would commence from
> the beginning.
> I had assumed it was my network, however the iPlayer phone app would not
> skip and all other streaming worked fine on a 30MBS fibre internet
> connection.
> This occurred worst with DASH but also with HLS.

It sound like a problem local to your setup.  
Stop LMS and delete cache.db if you haven't already.
Any message in the log ?
Please give more details on fgthe "cannot find ..." as there a a number
of message which begin this way - more and complete details always help
if you want to resolve the issue.
1.4.9 is the same as 1.4.7 so problem getting worse cannot be attributed
to plugin code changes.
If problem happens with HLS as well as DASH it sounds like a DNS issue.
This issue plagued some people back in early 2015 and IIRC some changed
DNS servers.   What is your DNS setup ?

Comparison with iPhone BBC iplayer app is not good as it p[lay HLS but
does "special things" - better comparison is toplay BBC Radio through a
web browser but making sure you have enabled the DASH (beta) mode - this
uses a reference DASH player with no funny business.

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