Yes I agree with this last email. If there was an ideal language out
there everybody would be using it.  Be prepared to be browbeaten from
the soapbox when you start a topic like this.


Can I perhaps pre-empt a pile of responses in this soon-to-be-long
thread with 
my following meta-response:

"I think you should use <insert favourite language here> because <insert
 standard reasons here>.  In particular I've run into problems with
 non-favourite language here> because <insert anecdote here>.  You may
 want to take into account <insert checklist of features of favourite
 here> which isn't handled too well by <insert non-favourite language
 Disclaimer: This worked for me but may not work for you, so shop

If everyone could just fill out the template it'd save a lot of time.

Peter :-).

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