Dear All,

Many thanks to everyone for taking your time to air out your views on
the question I had posted on the forum. For now I will use C since the
students will need to learn the art of problem solving but most
importantly they also need to learn the basics of programming like
data types, looping constructs, pointers etc. My hope is that  later
on they shall be able to transfer this basic programming knowledge in
learning other languages like Java and C++.

I must also say that from what I get across this thread of discussion,
Scheme and Python seem also to be good alternatives. I will definitely
try them in the forthcoming semesters. I have done a bit of
programming in Python and PERL on a Unix system but not yet tried
Scheme although it seems to be a very good alternative.

Once again many thanks for the insights!


2009/4/6 Walter Milner <>:
> A question to the OP: is it true that the choice must be between C, C++
> and Java? Or might other languages be considered?
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> I've had a lot of success using the How to Design Programs textbook
> (, which uses a series of Scheme-based languages
> explicitly designed for beginners. The TeachScheme, ReachJava!
> ( curriculum uses this book in a
> two-semester sequence where students learn programming in the first
> semester with HtDP and these Scheme-derived languages, then transition
> to Java and objects in the second semester.
> I'm happy to provide additional help getting you running in this
> curriculum if you'd like.
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