Hi. I have been casually watching this discussion but feel that my recently
completed thesis might be of interest to some particularly those thinking of
mental models and conceptions of a program.

As I am not in an academic position at present, I am not able to take my
work to what I see as the next stage. However, a key premise is that how a
person perceives the task or the outcome of the task influences the way that
they approach that task and the resulting outcome. This is view is based on
Ramsden's work (2003).

What my thesis does is explore the practitioner perceptions of an
object-oriented program. I believe that it has valuable information that
should be considered in debates about teaching programming.

Thesis is:

Thompson, E. (2008). How do they understand? Practitioner perceptions of an
object-oriented program. Dissertation, Massey University, Palmerston North.
URL: http://www.teach.thompsonz.net/img/Thompson2008PhDThesis.pdf

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