I was under the impression that the idea behind a discussion list
was to allow people to express their opinions. I simply expressed an opinion. 
One could accuse your email of attempting to stifle freedom of expression, but 
I'd never agree with such an accusation!


Or it could have been an excellent exchange of people's experiences with
an interesting pool of ideas created.

It is a pity this email stifled that.

> Enda
> Can I perhaps pre-empt a pile of responses in this soon-to-be-long
> thread with 
> my following meta-response:
> "I think you should use <insert favourite language here> because <insert
>  standard reasons here>.  In particular I've run into problems with
> <insert
>  non-favourite language here> because <insert anecdote here>.  You may
> also
>  want to take into account <insert checklist of features of favourite
> language
>  here> which isn't handled too well by <insert non-favourite language
> here>.
>  Disclaimer: This worked for me but may not work for you, so shop
> around".
> If everyone could just fill out the template it'd save a lot of time.
> Peter :-).
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