On 2015-12-09 23:54, Scott White wrote:
> Thanks.
> For development, should I be using the 0.10 or the latest stable 0.9.8? I
> started with running 0.9.8.
> Here is my feedback on the documentation:
> In install it does not mention CentOS or RHEL, but it does talk about it in
> the download section. Those sections maybe should just be merged.

Not a bad idea, since these are usually the same step on most systems
(except of course Windows).

> In https://prosody.im/doc/creating_accounts
>  prosodyctl register me example.com mypassword
> This does not work. No such command as "register". (0.9.8 install on CentOS
> from RPM)

There's a register command in the source and it has been there since the
dawn of time. It's intentionally not documented but provided for
compatibility with ejabberdctl.

> Does the documentation live in a source repo? I could not find it.

No, it's a dokuwiki.  Posting feedback or suggested changes here or to
our chat room is fine.  Or possibly the issue tracker, I'll see about
adding a preset for documentation issues.

Kim "Zash" Alvefur

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