I believe that your whole board is lighting up in DRC errors because
you do not have net assignments to the traces/wires/tracks. According to the
order of the functions you previously posted with reloading nets, as Colby
pointed out, your tracks/traces will not have a net assignment. If you have
changed the order of your netlist load and assign nets to connected copper,
as Colby pointed out in his last message, and you still have the DRC
problems then you have another problem and I am unsure.
        Try this. Double click a trace which is hilighted in the DRC color,
does it have a netname associated with it or is it "No Net"? If it is "No
Net", double click on a connected component pad, is it also "No Net"? If
both were "No Net", then you need to reload your netlist, then perform the
update primitives from component pads. If the pad has a net assignment, then
you just have to do the update primitives from component pads.
        Note Colby wrote exactly how, where and in what order to execute
these functions, I haven't bothered to repeated his instructions.


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Thank you very, very much Colby. I was following the wrong steps before.

I still have not gotten a response from Protel Tech support..... but would
you know why my complete board would be lighting up with clearance
violations??? and how can I fix this problem without turning off the
clearance constraint rule, just in case there is a DRC....

Very kind regards,

Bryan Bernesi

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