> WOW guys how did we miss this export  feature?     I certainly would have
> welcomed someone from Protel to join us in this conversation about Protels
> ability to generate a "356" netlist.  I have also been asked for these
> netlists by fab houses.  Im going directly to my 99SE  to verify Mr.
> findings.   Hold  the presses
> Mike Reagan

I did see some reference to exporting IPC-D-356 files from CAMtastic! 2000
Designers Edition when this thread was somewhat younger, and actually had a
go at doing this. However the outcome was not particularly edifying, as the
file concerned, although created, was virtually a "null" file in nature.

Perhaps I did not do everything beforehand that I should have done. I do not
use CAMtastic! 2000 Designers Edition overly much, so it might be a
different story for someone who really does know their way around this

I primarily use Graphicode's Gc-Prevue application to preview Gerber and
NC-Drill files, but this does not support exporting any types of files.
However, I have reason to believe that there are other (Gerber file)
previewing applications which do support exporting assorted files types, and
that in some cases IPC-D-356 files are amongst the types of exported files
supported. So if anyone can assist in informing us of such applications, and
how they perform in this regard, then I suspect there would be considerable
interest by many of us in learning about these.

Geoff Harland.
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