What standards did you purchase? I believe that if you are a IPC
designer council member you can only purchase standards, visit seminars, and
use your coupon on subjects related to design. So assembly stuff is out. 

Abd ul-Rahman,
        I just attended a IPC cert. course. There where a few people from
Motorola, Northrop, and other companies that have defense contracts with the
government. They told me that all of there designers have to be IPC cert.
and that the MIL. standards are slowly being replaced by IPC standards, per
some of there contracts. Most had been in the business for more than 15
years with feeling the need to be cert. Deter was our instructor and he had
stated that in the future all designers will have to be cert. before they
can get a job. Honestly I cant put much faith in information from some one
who works for IPC regarding this information. By the way the advanced IPC
cert. is going to be bataed this year.


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I know what the website says,   I also know what my hard earned money
says... I just purchased manuals about 2 months ago and had to pay full
price.    Read my last post again , The IPC will not accept your coupon
unless you are full member of the IPC,  however they did honor the coupon
from the designer's council  in previous years.

Mike Reagan

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> At 08:55 PM 7/9/01 -0400, Mike Reagan wrote:
> >I would like to correct you about the discount IPC offers. The coupon
> >issue to the designers council members is not redeemable, you must be an
> >member not a member of the designers  council.   They must have started
> >policy this year because I redeemed my coupons in the past, but his year
> >they did  not honor it when I purchased additional manuals.  Have they
> >honored yours?  I had to pay full price.
>  From the Designer's Council web site:
> "Free Designers Council Membership!
> Did you know that when you join or renew your IPC Designers Council
> membership we give you a $50.00 coupon to be used towards attending a
> workshop or seminar or the purchase of IPC documents? This is like getting
> your IPC Designers Council membership for free! Also, up to three coupons
> can be saved up to use towards seminars or workshops. That's $150.00 off
> the price of a class! These are just some of the value added benefits that
> Designers Council members receive."
> The DC site implies that one may "Save money on design by using IPC design
> standards," listing this as a benefit of membership, but it is not
> that one receives the same discount as IPC members on publications.
> However, on the page about the certification packages, there is a list of
> IPC publications for use in study for the exam, with "member" and
> "nonmember" prices. The non-member prices are the same as are advertised
> the public. The member prices are half the nonmember prices. When I
> I got the $50 coupon plus I paid the member prices. I was told that this
> was a benefit of membership.
> Perhaps only those specific publications are offered to DC members, which
> would be a tad misleading....
> Abdulrahman Lomax
> P.O. Box 690
> El Verano, CA 95433

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