At 07:22 AM 7/10/01 -0400, Mike Reagan wrote:

>I know what the website says,   I also know what my hard earned money
>says... I just purchased manuals about 2 months ago and had to pay full
>price.    Read my last post again , The IPC will not accept your coupon
>unless you are full member of the IPC,  however they did honor the coupon
>from the designer's council  in previous years.

I don't need to read it again, since I got it the first time. Mr. Reagan is 
reporting to us that the IPC did not honor the DC coupon. However, the DC 
is an IPC activity. When you join, you are joining the IPC/Designers Council.

Note that I wrote:

> > Perhaps only those specific publications are offered to DC members, which
> > would be a tad misleading....

However, Mr. Reagan has now been even more explicit. It is not just that 
they do not offer the member price to DC members -- assuming that whoever 
told Mr. Reagan that was following IPC policy instead of simply being 
mistaken -- but also that they are not honoring the coupon *at all*.

The Designer's Council is clearly advertising in such a way as to cause a 
reasonable reader to believe that they will receive, for joining or 
renewing, a $50 coupon good toward IPC publications. If that is not true, 
they are guilty of consumer fraud.

However, since the Designer's Council is an IPC activity, and it has, with 
permission, used the IPC name, the IPC is responsible for promises DC 
makes. I would consider reminding them of this fact. The Designer's Council 
is not separately incorporated, at least not in Illinois.

I think they are also obligated to give the member discount *in addition*, 
but that is less obvious. Under consumer fraud laws in some states, they 
clearly would have this obligation. I was once served with a 
cease-and-desist order from the Arizona Attorney General's office for 
selling a single photocopy for 5 cents to a customer who was outraged 
because the sign outside said "Copies 3 cents," and that only applied, by 
our stated policy in the store, to *additional* copies after the first 10. 
It was the best price in town, by far, but not low enough to satisfy that 
customer. Ironically, he was a rather wealthy acquaintance who did not know 
that I owned the business....

If customers *are* deceived by making a reasonable construction of the 
advertising, it does not matter if there was no intention to deceive, the 
law has been violated. Mr. Reagan clearly thought that the coupon would be 
honored, and his expectation was clearly reasonable. I thought the same thing.

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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