Hi Ted,
Wow... this really got some very interesting attention... Good points all.
Ted, It sounds like you are working with those guys over at WindRiver in San
Diego. They have undertaken a project to 'standardize' all footprints in
millimeters and provide them with development tools and accessories to the
world for free (with WindRivers name all over it of course). Tom Hausherr, a
very experienced and driven PCB designer and leader in the PADS users group
in San Diego,  is coordinating the effort there along with consultation with
the leaders of the IPC Designers Council and volunteer designers and has
made considerable progress. The only drawback, that I can see, is that the
libraries that are being created are in PADS...., somewhat useless to other
cad systems. Is this where you got the inspiration to try to get this going
for Protel? It is really great to see the good will of so many technical
people being exercised for the common good of the industry as a whole. I
applaud your effort to make a difference! Keep it up! You 'nay' sayers...
its already happening on a pretty big scale, I have seen the progress Tom
Hausherr has made... its impressive. If the work is divided up among a large
group its very possible to do amazing things... Protel people are some of
the best technical people around... think about it. You can make a
difference, even if its only a small difference, it adds up. You are a great
bunch.... keep up the ideas... :)

- Bill Brooks

Bill Brooks 
PCB Design Engineer 
3030 Enterprise Court 
Vista, CA 92083 
Tel: (760)597-1500 Ext 3772 Fax: (760)597-1510 
IPC Designers Council, San Diego Chapter 

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        I started the thread on this subject. I knew the size of this
project was going to be large, that is why I posted the thread in the first
place. I wanted to see if anyone else would like to help or even if anyone
wanted to have a large library system that was free. My idea was to get
everyone who wanted to try and shorten there design time and get there input
and ideas.
        I do not have 8500 parts in on library please give me some credit.
"I said that I am working on importing 8500 parts into Protel from another
cad system."  There are other designers doing this and they would most
likely trade footprints for footprints. The scope of this goes further then
here, and the possibility to increase the library could come from other
designers or as Mr. Lomax stated help from Protel. I am sure Protel is
following this thread closely, if we where to take up this project Protel
would be able to say we have the largest certified free library. That would
boost there sales to unbelievable numbers.
        As designers we sometimes have to make the impossible happen, and we
do make it happen. So why then all the negative remarks?


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