On 08:01 AM 7/08/2001 -0400, Jeff Adolphs said:
>Hello! Does Protel99SE crash about daily for you?


>It does for me, I'm using
>the Database format and running on a Compaq IPAQ ( crap compared to the Dell
>I had before) with Windows 2000.

Wouldn't it be great for someone (Protel) to get to the bottom of the wide 
variation in crash frequency.  My Protel almost never crashes (except while 
running the Delphi debugger then it almost always crashes on exit).  I 
actually can't remember the last one I had in quite some time.

>I was doing save a copy as thinking I was creating backups. Wrong! At the
>end of the day yesterday Protel99SE did its daily crash and destroyed all
>the backup files and opened up with a file from 9:43 AM.  I guess I'm
>supposed to export files to another directory?? I guess saving frequently
>and doing a save a copy as to another file name is worthless!

I use Save-Copy As to create a new copy of a file when I want to start some 
mucking about that I might want to discard.  My impression is that it does 
what I ask - saves the current file as a new one into the DDB and changes 
the name of the file in the editor.

I am worried about your statement "and destroyed all the backup 
files".  What about the autosave files - surely they are OK?  You are using 
the autosave server aren't you?  If you are having lots of crashes, as well 
as trying to sort out why, I would run with a 10 minute autosave creating 
maybe a rolling set of 10 copies.

Also, by using Save Copy-As You may not be getting the "Backup of ..." and 
"Previous Backup of ..." files created as you would if you use just 
Save.  Both the autosave and the backup copies made when you save a file 
are created *outside* the DDB (as normal files).  Are these getting 
destroyed?  That would be a major bug!

>I'm going to do the same &$%@#  thing I did yesterday because I didn't know
>how to backup with Protel99SE ( and yes I have read the entire manual).

Check for the backup files created outside the DDB before you go too far...

>I hope your day goes much better than mine!

Thanks for asking - it *wasn't* too bad...:-)

Now as for why your machine is crashing.
1) The known "resources" issue is not a prob as you are on Win2k
2) Do you have an ATI graphics chip?  Are the ATI-induced crashes still an 
issue these days?  Under Win2k?
3) Is there something particular that you are doing that causes the crashes?
4) Others may ask about memory but I have seen P99SE SP6 run stably enough 
on P133/48 MB and Win95.  Slow but wouldn't crash very often - maybe every 
couple of days after heavy use (probably the known resource issue).  I am 
not a great believer in fixing crashes by adding more memory - I usually 
like to get a bit further into the real reasons - which are usually driver 
related (in my experience).
5) Have you got the latest Compaq IPaq drivers for everything?

Anyone else using the IPaq with Protel?

I for one really do wish Protel would shake a leg and show some signs of 
addressing these remaining reliability issues.  Even if it was to publish 
more of their in-house work on what is causing the problems. I assume there 
is some.  It would be helpful.

Ian Wilson

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