99SE does not crash daily for me, but it still does crash once in a while.
I have noticed that if you try to place a BIG part that sometimes Protel
will lock up into a loop, still doing timed backups, but not doing anything
intelligent with the keystrokes and mouse activity you are giving it.  This
tends to happen when more than 1/2 the area of the part extends past the
sheet boundaries AND some of the part's pins are trying to connect to nets
already placed on the schematic.

The good thing about W2K is that at least you can kill the Protel session
without it crashing your other tasks.  If it were W9X, forget it - you're

The best advice I can give you:  get rid of that Compaq!  No one likes to
admit they bought a piece of crap.  But don't feel bad, I bought a Compaq 3
years ago, too.  There, I said it.  That Compaq was the worst PC I have ever
seen.  And it wasn't the bargain basement model, either - it was just made
that way.  Leave it to Compaq to take a great CPU (Intel PII-266) and piss
it away by combining it with a slow hard disk, trailing edge video,
unreliable DVD, and ancient chipset (no support for ECP on the parallel
port).  But of course the feature list sounded SO GOOD!.  I have only ever
retired 3 PCs in my life so far - that Compaq was one of them (I couldn't
stand it any longer!).  The others were old 286s that had served me well.

My experience is not anecdotal - I have friends that also have a Compaq.
They hate it too.  It is no surprise to me that Compaq is losing market
share.  I'm surprised they have lasted this long, making the junk they do.
But, when you have a huge advertisting budget, and retail outlets, I guess
you can steamroll the market...

If you get a new PC, you should consider Dell or a local computer box
builder.  I now buy PCs from a local shop that builds Linux servers.  They
also sell support contracts on the servers they build.  This forces them to
use the best parts - they don't want to have to go on-site and fix stuff.  I
have been very pleased with the 3 PCs (1 W98, 1 W2K, 1 Linux) I have bought
from them.  I know a local IT manager that buys Dell and says they are
really good.  I myself have a Dell (circa 1996) and it has been a really
good machine, still in service 24/7.

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.

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> Hello! Does Protel99SE crash about daily for you? It does for me, I'm
> the Database format and running on a Compaq IPAQ ( crap compared to the
> I had before) with Windows 2000.
> I was doing save a copy as thinking I was creating backups. Wrong! At the
> end of the day yesterday Protel99SE did its daily crash and destroyed all
> the backup files and opened up with a file from 9:43 AM.  I guess I'm
> supposed to export files to another directory?? I guess saving frequently
> and doing a save a copy as to another file name is worthless!
> I'm going to do the same &$%@#  thing I did yesterday because I didn't
> how to backup with Protel99SE ( and yes I have read the entire manual).
> I hope your day goes much better than mine!
> Jeff Adolphs
> Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.
> Westerville, Ohio, USA

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