Again you are most observant Abd... The problem I encountered was the
removal of the net from the pad used for mounting. And if it was a
component, as many of our older designs were, the macros marked it for
deletion. I believe I was using service pack 5 at the time... I am now using
SP6 and your comments prompted me to check out this behavior myself again. I
placed a free pad on an existing board and gave it a net to ground much as I
would in a normal design... associated the board with the netlist and it
ignored the pad. No attempt to delete it or to remove the net from it was
made by the program. So apparently as long as the mounting holes are free
pads without being a component the netlist macro generator will ignore
them... nice. I just need to make sure that the older designs do not have
the mounting holes as components... :)
- Bill Brooks


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At 11:27 AM 11/30/01 +1100, Michael Beavis wrote:
>Free pads allow for more powerful design rules to be employed but it is
>possible to lose them when synchronising from SCH if care is not taken.
>If the 'Delete component' option is selected in the sync process and the
>free pads do not appear on the SCH they will be removed from the PCB.

Free pads, by definition, do not appear on the schematic. I read this post 
from Mr. Beavis and was pretty shocked. I was about to start railing at the 
programmers who would allow Free-padname to be deleted as if it were a 
component. But I tried it first. I could not get free pads to disappear 
from a PCB when the PCB was Updated from a schematic.

If one uses a component for mounting holes, yes, that component should be 
on the schematic or it will be deleted.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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