> I have just downloaded SP3 for EDA98 from the archive but there was no
> onscreen form to fill out. Try protel.com.au instead of protel .com.
> I used the Jan 2000 archive
> Ian Capps

Maybe Altium really don't still have a copy of SP3 for EDA98, or SP1 for
EDA3, but I for one would be surprised if that really was the case. (That
would also be ironic to boot, in that they would then be dependant upon
their customers to provide such files if they ever wanted to create an
archive of previous releases of software.)

So I believe that in all probability they *do* still have a copy of these
files (even though they seem to have assessed that there is no longer a case
for having them available for download from Protel's Website(s)). As such,
it would not be impossible for them to provide copies of this file to those
who requested it. (From their own records, they should be able to determine
whether anyone requesting either of these files is a legitimate owner of
EDA3 or EDA98, and even if they didn't (still) have such records, the
provision of such SPs, *by themselves*, would be of no use to anyone.)

A possible reason that comes to mind as to why these SPs are not being
provided to those requesting them is that the users would supposedly then
have a greater incentive to purchase (or upgrade to) the most recent version
of Protel.

OTOH, such an attitude could be regarded as customer-hostile, and provide
such customers with an incentive to seek out who else is providing CAD

I have mentioned previously (though over a year ago) about an experience in
my previous job, in which my then-employer had purchased a Cooper and
Chyan/Specctra auto-routing package. At the time that this was provided, no
indication was given that the associated dongle could be destroyed if it was
connected to the wrong type of parallel port, or if the parallel port was
not correctly configured. As such, we managed to destroy two dongles before
figuring out, largely by ourselves, that we should connect the dongle to a
"classic" parallel port (to which end we purchased an ISA bus plugin PCB
providing such a port).

The time came when my PC was replaced by a faster model (from a 100MHz 486
to a 200MHz Pentium, if I recall correctly). And while I shifted the plugin
parallel port card from my old PC to my new PC, Specctra still did not run
on my new PC, and we figured that this (PC) was too fast for the version of
Specctra that had been purchased.

Advice was solicited from various parties as to how this problem could be
overcome, but no feedback was provided to that end, other than to upgrade to
the most recent version of Specctra (which would have cost at least as much
as the original purchase).

In due course, Simon Peacock (who also used to work for the same company,
and who is another member of this forum) discovered, from a posting to a
newsgroup (sci.electronics.cad?), that the fix was to declare some
Environment variables which would then inform the software how fast the PC
was running. After I did that, the software then ran OK on my new PC (in
reality, as well as it was given to running; I recall at least one occasion
when I had visions of the software running overnight, but it refused to
start (before I knocked off work for the day) following at least six
attempts to achieve that, on the belief that I had turned the PC's clock
back (which I had *not* done at the time)).

All up, a story with unhappy aspects. (I haven't mentioned all of the
details that brassed me off at the time, and it probably wouldn't be prudent
for me to do so, but I'll settle for saying that some people underline why
most cultures insist upon marriage before children.)

It's an old saying that monopolies don't have to apologise to their
customers. However, when competition does exist, it is a bad move to
alienate your customers, and when competition doesn't exist (or is weak),
bad attitudes can result in customers taking their complaints to a
regulatory agency. And some times, in some places, these agencies kick a***

Geoff Harland.
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