I can get the auto router to route the manual fan outs, and in some
locations I can get the auto router to just route the area I have selected. 
        I can never get the auto router to route the board without it
looking like it went through a skeet competition. This is why I figured I
would fan out the board by hand then area route the board and do it in
sections. I left just enough room to get the tracks in between the vias,
trying to keep it nice neat. This is not working as well as I had hoped. Can
any one share one success story with the auto router and possibly share the
setup they used. I know that there a only a few design rules that are
related to the auto router, maybe I am just missing one?

Thank you,


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it won't connect to your manual fannouts, it will route back to the smd
pad and place a new fannout somewhere

it does the best when it has the most to do, i.e. limited or no
preroutes and then Route All

if you have preroutes they should be completely routed nets and then

i have not had it run over keepouts
make sure your 'board' via size makes sense relative to your width and
space and routing channel

Dennis Saputelli

Ted Tontis wrote:
>         I have some time on my hands and I figured I would mess with the
> auto router. I have been running into some problems, no surprise. I am
> manually fanning out my components and trying to have the auto router
> the rest. This is the way I have been setting up the design rules. I set
> the routing layers for a net class to route on the bottom layer in a
> horizontal direction, I set the top layer to not used, and a board scope
> any direction on the bottom layer with the top layer selected as not used.
> throw up some layer defined keep outs. The tracks I set up are all locked
> selecting auto routing all and only checking lock traces. I try to auto
> route area, and all I get is a bunch of garbage. Protel still try's to
> over the keep out area, also Protel is not content with auto routing the
> area I have selected it's under worked and starts routing everything else.
> Any direction that I can get would be great. I am running Protel 99SE and
> Regards,
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