Good point Mr. Lomax

Tim, are you sure you're not a Newf dere buy! Puttin dem signals in
backwards AD[15..0]?

I do believe that I have tried this in the past but it was a while ago and
I'm not sure which version of Protel, however I do remember that this did
not in fact produce a correct netlist.  Protel is fussy...unintelligent...
or just plain rigid in it's bus labelling format. You may want to check the
netlist manually to ensure that it includes all the nodes. might
just want to stick to the incremental format AD[0..15].

Good luck from out West....BTW how much snow you got out in the Maritimes
this year?

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At 10:55 AM 1/30/2002 -0400, Tim Fifield wrote:
>I get a "Warning: Unconnected net label on net ..." when I run ERC in the
>Sch editor. I'm trying to label a bus line with a the following net label

Others pointed out the problem with naming the individual nets as AD[0] 
etc., but I have not personally tested bus labels of the form BUS[n..m] 
where n>m. The examples in the manual and that I have used would have 
AD[0..15], not AD[15..0]. It might not make any difference if Protel has 
built a little more intelligence into the program than I might expect, but 
it also would not make any difference if the bus labels were not used with 
ports, since the bus label really only functions to link sheet entries and 
ports to nets, bus labels are otherwise cosmetic.

In other words, this particular problem was with the net names. But there 
might also be a problem with the bus name. If anyone has seen decremented 
names work in a functioning bus label, let us know!

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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