This looks like a part of one of the distributed computing apps like the
Seti or United Device Cancer or Antrax project.  Perhaps you had been a
participant at one time in something like that?


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Subject: [PEDA] results of performance problems

Hi All,

This is what I've found out while trying to increase the performance of my

1). The file that was causing my processor to have 100% usage all the time
was a file called "DNETC.EXE", which is located in the c:\windows\system
directory. This is from a company called "Distributed Computing
Technologies, Inc." It's product name is " client". This app
apparently uses the computers idle time, but gives back the cpu when it's
needed by another program.

I have no idea where this came from and it's not on any other computer. It
appears to be some type of monitoring program that updates their web site
over the Internet whenever I log on. All of this without you ever knowing .
I don't recall ever volunteering for anything like this so I've removed it
from the startup and everything seems to run the same - cpu now fluctuates %
I found this out by using a program called "wintop.exe". It shows you which
programs are running and what % of cpu time they are taking. If anyone is
interested in it ..go to
there will be a "Windows 95 Kernel Toys Set" download.

2). While this didn't fix my performance issues ( remember 2 minutes 12
seconds to move text),  it at least rules it out. What has made a
performance increase was to follow some advise on a Compaq users site.

- First Run MSCONFIG - go to Start menu / Run & type msconfig & press ok,
then choose the
startup tab &  delete whatever startup items you don't need.
Be warned, some of these programs MUST start at Startup
or Windows will fail. Before doing anything else, click
the Cleanup button to remove obsolete items. A good rule of thumb: if a
file's path begins
"c:\Windows\" then you should leave it alone.

then click on "system.ini", (top left)
- In your system.ini, add the line ConservativeSwapfileUsage=1 under

- Then delete your "temporary internet files", right click on start, choose
then in the list on the left hilite "temporary internet files", press edit
(top left),
then "select all", then top right press "delete" - yes.
- you can also delete the temporary internet files using the internet
options, which
ever is easier for you.

- Now Run Scandisk, then Defrag your drives,
(if your defrag won't complete it's task, then use this:
-(it'll reboot into defrag using your system tools with no programs running,
so it's
much more effective)."

This has made my computer feel "snappy", but to move that same text was
still unacceptable. Below is a chart for what increase performance:
                                                0805 device        SOP
Original performance            :08                        2:12
after processor and                 :06                        1:47
Compaq suggestions
with DRC on/basic rules        :04                       :13
with DRC off/ basic rules        :02                    :10

This performance I can live with although still slower than the other
computer and it has all rules on.

Thanks all of you for your help, I haven't yet tried all my options from
you, but I need to move on.
I'm over and out!

Bob Jones
Digitized Technologies
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