On 01:40 PM 2/25/2002 -0500, Abd ul-Rahman Lomax wrote:
>At 10:00 AM 2/25/2002 +0100, Edi Im Hof wrote:
>>As far as I know, it's legally to downgrade. That means buy XP and install W2000.
>Where does Mr. Im Hof get that idea? If Microsoft allows it in the XP license, yes, 
>of course it would be legal. But if it is not specifically allowed, there would be 
>nothing to create a W2000 license out of an XP license. ...<snip>...

I think that some folks are making a bit too much out of this "w2k not available" 
scare. I just hit pricewatch and rapidly discovered nearly two dozen companies from 
which one may purchase w2k full, and another dozen for the upgrade version. For those 
considering a new system, one could do the same for online system integrators in a 
matter of a few minutes... While the eventual obsolescence of w2k, like NT4 and NT3.51 
before it is to be expected, the glaring fact is that this allegation about w2k's 
availability is little more than alarmist hype.

Further, for those who aren't concerned by the Passport issue, XP has gotten okay 
marks so far in this group, though I'd still recommend that anyone considering it 
should go with the pro version. While it may not seem to be necessary for running 
current apps (ie, soon to be legacy apps), it will likely be soon, and therefore worth 
the extra initial investment, when considered as a necessary adjunct to an 8+ thousand 
dollar EDA investment like that of Protel... As an additional word of caution, I'd be 
very wary of attempting to perform an XP upgrade into a computer designed for w95/98, 
(ie, old), for the obvious reasons (hardware incompatibilities, for anyone who isn't 
acquainted with the "pleasures" of upgrade after upgrade...)

In conclusion, even IFF w2k becomes unavailable in the immediate future, (which is 
quite unlikely) it appears that XP works fine for P99SE, and since XP WILL be the 
dominant MS O/S in the near future, (whether anyone, including me, likes it or not) 
companies like Protel will HAVE TO support it, iff they want to keep bread in the 
mouths of their children and their own heads above water. Therefore, folks, please 
ignore non-expert hypists, even if they have expertise in other areas...

And Mr Lomax, please do your homework before claiming such nonsense...


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