At 12:21 PM 3/5/2002 -0800, Dwight wrote:
>Select them, click & hold (as if to move), and press "L". This flips them to
>the opposite side of the board.

This does *not* work to accomplish the purpose of the original writer. Yes, 
the components are flipped to the other side, and top side track will be 
moved to the bottom, but the relationships will not be properly maintained. 
Track is just moved without being mirrored. A DIP-8 footprint was mirrored 
correctly, but the position of pin 1 (the component reference) became the 
position of pin 8; I imagine that the flip was centered on the extents.

They did *not* get this right. We have written extensively about inversion; 
it is necessary to have a layer chart to accomplish complete inversion, but 
the majority of applications would be accomplished simply by interchanging 
top and bottom layers while mirroring them, leaving other layers mirrored 
but not changed to new layers. That -- if needed -- could then be done 
manually one layer at a time. Usually it would not be needed.

Right now, when a mirror operation (X or Y keys) on a selection includes 
components, a warning comes up that one is about to mirror a footprint 
without changing the layer; it then suggests using the L key. But the L key 
will give an X mirror about the component centroid -- I think -- plus the 
layer shift. That's fine for an individual component, but not for anything 
more complex. If it is a union of two parts that is selected, the L key 
moves both parts to the other side of the board, but their relationship is 
what results from each part, individually, being mirrored, so the 
components no longer are in the same relative relationship.

Editing the layer attribute of a component performs the same operation as 
the L key.

This is what they should have done. When a component is flipped with the L 
key, it should have been mirrored on the cursor, not on the component 
centroid. Likewise, other selected components and primitives would be 
mirrored on the same reference and axis.

I do not know a way to flip a collection of components to the other side of 
the board, except for the server which Mr. Wilson et al have written.

What *ever* gave Protel the idea to mirror the parts on the centroid??? The 
result is that a footprint floating on the cursor, which normally is 
floating with the reference point at the cursor, suddenly has some 
*different* part of the footprint floating on the cursor. I cannot imagine 
an application for this!

It was *harder* to do what they did instead of simply mirroring on the cursor!
This should have been fixed long ago....

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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