On 07:50 AM 6/03/2002 +0100, Jean-Christophe Meylan said:
>Thank you for your explanation Mr. Lomax, you describe exactly my
>problem (sorry for my poor English' skill...)! Could you explain what is
>the server written by Mr. Wilson et Al and where can we get it?
>Jean-Christophe Meylan


Geoff Harland and I were co-operating on a server that would invert a 
board.  We ran into problems that, though probably possible to solve would 
have taken way too much volunteer effort.  So we have let it pretty much 
stop. A time limited beta version was released to see if there was much 
interest. There has not been much interest.  I would say that maybe 6 or so 
people have expressed much interest in such a server.  So Geoff and I have 
not been pushing at it.

I suspect that we could fairly readily make a cut-down version of the 
server that just inverted the current selection - but it would only invert 
fairly standard entities like components, tracks, pads, vias etc.  Polygons 
were a little difficult from memory but I think we had them solved (but 
only if we cleared the undo stack).  Geoff and I were having "discussions" 
on the best method of dealing with fills - but I think these were solved as 
well.  Things like rules and layer stack-up, blind and buried vias etc 
would *not* be handled correctly - the user would need to patch these manually.

Bottom line - there is no invert server available now.  One could be made 
but I am not hugely interested until I see exactly what the next version of 
Protel provides - not much point in writing something that might be fixed 
in the next version.  I can't speak for Geoff H.

Sorry - this is not really a satisfactory answer but there is not really a 
lot of interest in add-on servers in the Protel community from what I can 
see.  A few people use available add-ons but not many, even the various 
free ones. So I would have to assume that the vast majority of Protel users 
think the facilities provided by the default instal are enough to not want 
the hassle of finding and then adding in add-ons.  That and the fact that 
the available add-ons are obviously not sufficiently "killer apps".  So the 
return, either $ or the warm fuzzy feeling of a "useful job done", is not 
there to really justify too much time spent.

Ian Wilson

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