> >   I've got more "effective" MIPS,
> >MOPS, TFLOPS, etc. and a better pattern recognizer than a computer.
> Don't count on that lasting forever. Moore's law, after all. Sure, switch
> density will reach a limit, but then there are three dimensions, and the
> problem with AI now is not really computing power, but the programming

Yes, this is getting off topic, but it's important for us tech folks to
realize that Moore's Law is NOT a law of nature.  It's a prediction.  The
law of gravity is a real, physical law of nature.  Moore's law is a
prediction based on an extrapolation of advances in the semiconductor
industry starting some 30 years ago.  It doesn't take into account any
natural, real, physical limiting barriers.  So it should be called "Moore's
prediction".  But "law" sounds so much more reassuring than "prediction".
Actually, I don't think Moore himself called it a law.  Some tech droid in
the trade press heard it, called it a law, and ran with it.  Some of us have
been propagating that fiction ever since.  Trade press fiction - is that

I see some of the ridiculous trends in computing about to hit the wall.
Yes, I know we have all heard that before.  But consider:
1)  Are we really going to see chips that run on 0.3V, drawing 5000A, and
needing 1500W of cooling?  Maybe in a lab, but no one will want to own one.
The electricity bill, the room heating, the fan noise, oh my...
2)  Are we really going to see chips built on such tiny processes that a
single electron absence/presence contains the entire state of a logic
element?  What about susceptibility to RFI and background radiation?  That
could flip the state of the logic element.  This phenomenon is already known
in space electronics and is called the "single-event upset".
3)  What happens when the public finally realizes that each new generation
of chips' performance improvement gets nullified by each new software

Folks, I'm not a pessimist, just a realist ;-)

Protel is really going to have to make designing 10 GHz PCBs MUCH easier!!!

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.
website:  www.bagotronix.com

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