The rcs file defines the "resources" for a given server.  These are the menu
entries, toolbars, and keyboard shortcuts that appear in the Protel 99SE
"client" application when the given server is active. When a new server is
added, its rcs file (eg. advpcb.rcs, advsch.rcs, etc.) is read and combined into
the  master rcs file (client99se.rcs) that defines all of the resources for the
Protel client application.  When Protel is shut down, the client99se.rcs file is
written back out so that any resource changes made by the user during the
session (eg. menu or toolbar additions) are set for the next time Protel is run.

If Protel crashes during the session, these changes are lost.

Since the client99se.rcs file is cumulative for all sessions, it can become
messed up over time.  One cure for this is to uninstall each server from within
Protel (using the "Servers" dialog from the Protel system menu), then shut down
and restart Protel to clear the client99se.rcs file of the given server's
entries.  Then reinstall the servers to force the client99se.rcs file to be
rebuilt from the individual server.rcs files.  Of course, all custom resources
will be lost during this process

The other way is to use a known good client99se.rcs file.  For this reason, it
is advisable to backup the client99se.rcs (and client99se.ini) files once you
have Protel set up the way you want (with all custom menus, toolbars and
keyboard shortcuts) so that you can later restore the application to this known
good state if thing go bad.

Note that uninstalling and then reinstalling the Protel application using the
Windows Add/Remove Programs control panel does not solve this problem because
the uninstaller does not automatically remove the rcs and ini files.  They must
be manually removed in order to start with a "pristine" version of Protel.

John Williams

Mike Reagan wrote:

> Tim,
> I am not sure what the rcs file is ....I heard some mention of it on this
> forum last month.    Any  help out there as what the rcs file
> looks like an ini type file when I  opened it
> Mike Reagan

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